Welcome to Auntie Audrey’s

Auntie Audrey is a fictionary cartoon character.

Who is Auntie Audrey?

  • She is a woman with humor and strong believes.
  • She is curious and looks at the world with openness and perspective.
  • She reflects and talks about life and the crises.
  • She cares about the development of people and our inner selves.
  • She believes in good solutions.
  • She has a cat and sometimes other animals nearby. The cat makes conclusions and is quite a character. Occasionally the mice and the dog also have opinions.
    Any similarities with any living person is not intentionally. She doesn’t express any political or religious believes. She just cares about people and our planet and wants to bring some joy and humor into the world during the crises.

You’ll find her at:

  • Facebook under the name Auntie Audrey’s Apprehensions & Appreciations – For more information click here At Facebook she is @AuntieAudreys (don’t forget the s at the end!)
  • Instagram under the namn auntie_audrey. Click here to go to Instagram.

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